Wireless sensor with App!

Wireless Bluetooth insertion temperature sensor with App!

This innovative and high-quality wireless insertion temperature sensor with Bluetooth can perform and record live temperature measurements in the specially developed and customizable app.

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The wireless temperature sensor with app is a solution for applications where direct reading and recording of temperature is desired and it is often used in the Catering industry, Hospitals, HVAC applications, Legionella control and many other applications. The temperature sensor and app have been developed in such a way that they comply with HACCP regulations!

The temperature measurements within the app can be made entirely customer-specific, so that it accurately reflects the measurements that you want to perform. The measurements are also immediately visible in your own online portal!

What are the possibilities of the wireless temperature sensor in combination with the app:

  • The sensor is suitable for measurements between -50 ° Celsius and 300 ° Celsius.
  • Live temperature measurement and storage, completely wireless, and directly visible on your phone or tablet via the app.
  • Measuring temperature for a preset time period. With display in a graph.
  • Historical data is easily retrievable. This way you can always evaluate or demonstrate measurements.
  • In addition to measurements, you can also enter tasks (eg cleaning .., checking ..), which must be ticked off.
  • Photos and QR codes can be linked to measurements or tasks.
  • Adding a lower and upper temperature limit. If the measurement falls outside the limit, it will be registered and you can enter follow-up questions, where the answers given can be seen in the online portal.
  • Day, week or month necessary actions are easy to plan / adjust and / or reproduce.

The Bluetooth temperature sensor is the result of a collaboration between SITEX Electronics and Langkamp Technology. SITEX Electronics is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative kitchen solutions for the business market, including this innovative wireless system for temperature measurement and registration. With their extensive knowledge of digital temperature monitoring in the professional kitchen, and Langkamp Technology's expertise in temperature measurements and sensors, this beautiful piece of craftsmanship has been realized.

If you have any questions about the possibilities, please contact us via telephone number 0343-595410, our e-mail address info@ltbv.nl, or you can contact us via the contact button below. We are glad to be of service.

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